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Table of Contents

Volume I:





Part I: Prolegomenon


1. Faith and Fantasy                              

   Intertwining Ethics, Aesthetics, Theology, and Pop Culture               

   Two Foundational Assumptions    


2. Walt Disney’s Moral Influences and the Moral Power of a Disney Story             

   Walt Disney                                                                                             

   Walt’s Moral Influences               

   Aesthetic Criticisms                                                                                                             

   Disney Stories as Doorway to Apologetic Dialogue          

Part II: Disney’s Moral Meta-narrative and Recurrent Theological Imagery

3. Kingdoms in the Making and Diamonds in the Rough               

   Normative Ethical Theory: An Introductory Overview                   

   Disney's Virtue Motif                 

4. Kingdom-Oriented Archetypes in Disney’s Moral Canon                

   The Power of Archetype and Disney’s Kingdom-Oriented Eschatology              

   Kingdom Theology and Disney’s Store of Theological Symbols           

   The Great Theo-Drama: A Princess, a Curse, a Prince, and a Dragon     


5. Imagining the Kingdom: Archetypes of Beauty and the Moral Magic of Aesthetic Allure     

   Beholding the Beautiful                                                                                                         

   Archetypes of Nobility                      

   Love and Virtue                         

6. An Archetypal (Christian?) Ethics and the Kingdom-Ever-After                                             

   Double Danger                    

   The Archetypal Inspiration in Disney’s Background Moral Imaginary     


7. True Love and the Ever-After: The Kingdom Come                                                          

   Goodness Beyond Justice                    

Part III: Disney as Doorway to Dialogue: On Justice and Social Goodness

8. Injustice: Everywhere but Within


9. Delimitations, Definitions, and Descriptive/Prescriptive Distinctions                                 

       Aesthetic Appreciation and Cultural Critique: Two Paradigms                                      



10. The Materialist Backdrop          


11. Critical Theory and the Conceptual Foundations of the Critical Social Justice Movement 

   Critical Social Justice (CSJ)      


12. Clarity, Charity, and Disney’s Ability to Mediate the Dialogue                                         

   The Value of Gaining Perspective and the Point of Pondering Standpoint                        

   Points of Agreement                                                                                     

   Perspectival Dialectics                                                                                   

   The Power and the Problem of Perspective                 

   Why We Don’t Talk About Bruno         


13. On Justice: God Help the Outcast                                                                                         

   Grounding Justice                       

   Natural Moral Law                                

   The Imago                       

   Justice as Telos                  

   Injustice Lies Within                 


14. Goodness Beyond Just-ness                

   The Social Impact of Sin and the Call of the Kingdom-Ever-After                                    


   Disney Lore as Doorway to Dialogue                  

   Rescue, Redemption, and Restoration    


15. Liberated to Love Goodness                                                                                              

   Separating Social “Justice” from Social Gospel          

   Liberation as Reorientation of Conscience: Reclaiming the Grand Narrative       






Volume II:



   Overview of Chapters        


Part I: Imaginative and Aesthetic Apologetics: Disney’s Moral Magic and Narrative Power 

   1. Imagination, the Incarnation, and the Moral Power of Storytelling
      Holly Ordway

   2. Disney’s Live-Action Animated Musical: A “Satisfactual” Glimpse of Transcendence
      Joel W. Paulus

   3. Beauty and the Beat
      Doug Powell

   4. The Moral Magic of a Disney Musical
      Jeremy E. Scarbrough and D.J. Culp Jr.

  5. Nostalgic Deliberation and the Moral Imagination: Music’s Referential Power

       Jeremy E. Scarbrough


Part II: Questions of Theology & Moral Formation Within Disney Stories


   6. Marionettes, Moral Excellence, and Characters Worth Imitating

       Shawn White


   7. The Pretty Princess: Disney’s Theology of Becoming Beautiful
      Miguel Benitez Jr.

   8. The Lost Princess: The Theological Anthropology of Disney’s Tangled
      Timothy E. G. Bartel

   9. I Am Moana: MacIntyre’s Virtue Theory and the Reality of Animated Morality
      Sean C. Hadley

   10. The Bare Necessities of Augustinian Virtue
      Eric Williamson and Russell Clayton

   11. Sin, Salvation, and the Human Condition in Pinocchio
      Paul Miles

   12. On Becoming a Real Boy: Conscience and the Formation of Character
      Mark D. Linville

   13. Cosmology and Natural Law in Disney’s Hercules
      John L. Weitzel

   14. Have Courage and Be Kind: Cinderella and the Problem of Evil
      Lori A. Peters

   15. A Kierkegaardian Reading of The Lion King: Simba Becomes a Person
      Josh Herring

   16. Christian Hospitality in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: Two Perspectives
      Zachary D. Schmoll and Neal Foster

   17. Faith, Hope, and the Human Condition in Raya and the Last Dragon
      Jeremy E. Scarbrough







About the Authors and Contributing Authors      

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