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Disney &
the Moral Imagination


"Disney is obviously a dominant force in mass entertainment and may even be growing in influence. Theological reflections on the arts, however, often steer toward narratives aimed primarily at adults. This book helps to examine the universal stories that shape so much of our collective imagination. Here you will find many writers with depth of theological and artistic insight who take time to examine a major player in contemporary culture. "

—Philip Tallon, Dean of the School of Christian Thought, Houston Christian University, and author of The Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith and The Poetics of Evil

"Sometimes I’m asked, why did God reveal himself through a long history of interactions with fallen and suffering human beings rather than by simply downloading information about himself directly into our minds? I think this volume of essays points to the answer: A truth embodied in a story affects us more deeply, shapes us more effectively, and reveals its goodness and beauty more robustly than any mere proposition could. Disney & the Moral Imagination capitalizes on the power of stories by exploring various aspects of philosophy, theology, and moral formation through our culture’s beloved Disney movies. If you’re looking for creative ways to discuss the Christian worldview with those who don’t yet know our true, good, and beautiful God, this book models a promising approach."

—Amy K. Hall, Christian apologist, Stand to Reason

"This fine collection of essays on Disney’s animated features strikes just the right balance between academic and popular, scholarly and accessible. It opens up the films without vivisecting them, drawing out deeper moral and spiritual meanings without bending and contorting them to fit a Christian worldview. It has much of value to say on the nature and power of music, virtue, beauty, imagination, and hope. "

—Louis Markos, Professor in English and Scholar in Residence, Houston Christian University; author of On the Shoulders of Hobbits and The Myth Made Fact

"Disney & the Moral Imagination is a valued contribution to the discussion of ethics education through creativity and story-telling. This collection of essays takes a thoughtful approach to the cultural influence of Disney animation in a time of moral upheaval.... [The authors] draw well on the interdisciplinary traditions of Classical Christian  Liberal Arts education to enrich the dialogue on issues across ethics, aesthetics, and theology."

—Bryant K. Owens, Professor of Philosophy, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (New York)

Disney & the Moral Imagination is divided into two sections. Part I explores the power of stories and the arts to engage our moral and theological imagination. It delves into the aesthetic power of Disney's moral storytelling, live-action animation, and music, revealing the connection between imagination, the arts, and our deepest convictions about transcendent truth. Part II examines specific Disney narratives, addressing theological inquiries and moral formation. It explores themes of identity and the human condition, uncovering the moral and theological richness within each story.

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